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salt underfoot, photographs of performance, 2020
Looking at old maps, I found where Lake Merced was formerly connected to the ocean. At this site I collected ocean water, boiled it, and extracted its salt, which I sprinkled while walking from the beach to the lake, following the movement of the lost stream as closely as possible.

water once was body, video of performance excerpt, 2020
Carrying water in my mouth, I walk from to Lake Merced, spit out the water, and read a poem recounting the history of the lake, its transformation, and my body’s relationship to spirituality. (excerpt below)


run, video, 1m5s 2020
I run from my studio to Lake Merced and begin to record once I arrive at the lake. The action camera mounted to my chest records the view, moving to the rhythm of my breath and heartbeat.

until i am alone, excerpt of durational video (full length 21m27s), 2020

I wait on the bridge, looking out at the water, while people pass by. I stop recording once I am on the only person on the bridge.

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