to comfort, acrylic, 2020, 5×7″
to heal, acrylic, 2020, 5×7″
tomb, 19x4x3″, porcelain, 2020

flowers for flowers began as a commitment to go to the beach every weekday in July.

One day I went there and something happened that disturbed me. I was in an unsettled state when I walked back up to my car, and noticed that these wilting flowers, which I had seen on the way down, were still there. I took that to mean that they had been discarded. I decided to take them home.

I wanted to establish a connection with these flowers—a relationship with a non human entity— because I felt they were connected to what I saw earlier that day. As soon as I picked up the flowers I was concerned for them, I was anticipating their death. I decided to get flowers for these flowers.

I made these two vases for the found flowers and the floral arrangement. I found myself greeting the flowers in the morning, a ritual that led to the hand movements in the video. Painting was a way for me to spend time connecting with, almost touching the flowers, without actually touching and perhaps damaging them.

As a final gesture with these flowers, I dipped them in clay slip and fired them, a cremation.