REORIENT: home is where?
videos and performance

In REORIENT: home is where? Sheri Park reflects on a three month round the world trip, which, originally conceived as a way to visit friends abroad, becomes a multi-layered pilgrimage as she connects their divergent perspectives, considers her own family’s stories, and catechizes her conflicting emotions on ethnicity and Americanness. The end result is a multimedia meditation on identity and its intersection with place and ethnicity, and how our experiences, and other’s perceptions, shape our sense of self and belonging.

As I Am, Changing
Video and painting, dimensions variable

As I Am, Changing is a series of videos and mixed media collages that explores growth and its process. The longing to change can degenerate into an anxiety-driven obsession, manifested in the body turning against itself. Perception is filtered by obsession, which distorts true understanding of the self and others. Lasting transformation is often caused by indirect forces; a random discovery may outweigh a multitude of deliberate attempts. Some change, like the seasons, can only happen in its own time.

WHITE WHITE RED: living woman
Found object collage construction, video, photography

Discontinuity marks the female experience. Physical disruptions and changes, such as menstruation and childbearing, have social, emotional, and psychological weight. Through video, photography, and collage construction through found material, this body of interdisciplinary work explores female physical changes and how these experiences, and recovery from them, shape inner life and self perception...

  • video, photography, found object collage construction
  • Gallery Route One
  • Pointe Reyes Station, 11101 Highway One
  • Opening: Feb 8th, 3–5pm; Closing Salon: Mar 15th, 4pm–5pm;
  • Viewing: Wednesday's — Tuesday's, 11–5pm

liturgical installation, photography, blog

How do we encounter the divine within our tangible existence-as we work and worship together? How is the spiritual present in objects that we touch routinely, and how are ordinary objects transformed into symbols bearing divine presence? Today-Friday-Saturday-Sunday is an interdisciplinary art project that investigates my life, and the life of the communities I am a part of...

  • ARTVENTURES: A Sacred Look
  • Travis Auditorium at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, CA,
  • May 14th , 6:30–9:30pm;
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